QIDP Drugs: Here They Are, All of Them

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As of Oct. 9, 2014, there were by my accounting 30 compounds with QIDP designation. Pivot-new copyHere is the break-down:


  • 31 compounds with QIDP designation
  • 29 antibacterials, 2  antifungals
  • 22 systemically active, 9 for topical administration
  • 13 in Phase 3, 9 in Phase 2, and 5 in Phase 1
  • 26 from known drug classes, 5 are NCEs
CompanyDrug NameAntibiotic ClassPhaseAction SiteAntimicrobial_Class
AchaogenPlazomicinaminoglycosidePhase 3systemicantibacterial
ActavisAvarofloxacinquinolonePhase 2systemicantibacterial
ActavisCeftazidime + avibactamB-lactam / BLIPhase 3systemicantibacterial
Actelion PharmaceuticalsCadazolidoxazolidinonePhase 3GI onlyantibacterial
Aradigm PharmaceuticalsCiprofloxacinquinolonePhase 3pulmonaryantibacterial
Basilea PharmaceuticaisavuconazoleazolePhase 3systemicantifungal
Cardeas PharmaAmikacin + fosfomycinaminoglycosidePhase 2pulmonaryantibacterial
Cempra PharmaceuticalsFusidic Acidfusidic acidPhase 2systemicantibacterial
Cempra PharmaceuticalsSolithromycinmacrolide / ketolidePhase 3systemicantibacterial
Cubist PharmaceuticalsSurotomycinglycopeptidePhase 3GI onlyantibacterial
Cubist PharmaceuticalsTedizolidoxazolidinoneApproved USsystemicantibacterial
Cubist PharmaceuticalsCeftolozane + tazobactamB-lactam / BLIPhase 3systemicantibacterial
Durata TherapeuticsDalbavancinglycopeptideApproved USsystemicantibacterial
Insmed PharmaceuticalsArikaceaminoglycosidePhase 3pulmonaryantibacterial
Melinta TherapeuticsDelafloxacinquinolonePhase 3systemicantibacterial
Melinta TherapeuticsRadezolidoxazolidinonePhase 2systemicantibacterial
MerckImipenem/cilastatin + MK-7655B-lactam / BLIPhase 2systemicantibacterial
MerLion PharmaceuticalsFinafloxacinquinolonePhase 2systemicantibacterial
Microbion CorporationBisEDT Antimicrobial GelotherPhase 1topicalantibacterial
Nabriva TherapeuticsBC-3781pleuromutilinPhase 2systemicantibacterial
Paratek PharmaceuticalsOmadacyclinetetracyclinePhase 2systemicantibacterial
Scynexis PharmaceuticalsSCY-078otherPhase 1systemicantibacterial
Summit plcSMT-19969otherPhase 2GI onlyantibacterial
TaiGen BiotechnologyNemonoxacinquinolonePhase 3systemicantibacterial
Tetraphase PharmaceuticalsEravacyclinetetracyclinePhase 3systemicantibacterial
The Medicines CompanyOritavancinglycopeptideApproved USsystemicantibacterial
The Medicines CompanyMeropenem + RPX7009B-lactam / BLIPhase 3systemicantibacterial
Valley Fever SolutionsNikZotherPhase 1systemicantifungal
Wockhardt PharmaceuticalsWCK-771quinolonePhase 1systemicantibacterial
Wockhardt PharmaceuticalsWCK-2349quinolonePhase 1systemicantibacterial

NOTE: Nabriva’s Lefamulin / BC-3781 just rec’d QIDP status and is included in the tables above. This systemic pleuromutilin has completed Phase 2 and is “ready for Phase 3”.

NOTE:  Debio-1450 (the prodrug of Debio-1452 aka AFN-1252) should be added to the list.  Formerly developed by Affinium, this novel FabI antibiotic is in Phase 1 development as a prodrug, and in Phase 2 as the original Debio-1452.  The target of this class of fatty acid synthesis inhibitors is enoyl-acyl carrier protein reductase (ENR). The agent has a narrow spectrum of activity limited almost exclusively to staphylococci and enterococci.

NOTE: Cellceutix’ Brilacidin has been granted QIDP status Dec. 8th, 2014.  This defensin-mimetic was formerly a Polymedx drug; it is being developed for ABSSSI and now in Phase 2.

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