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After the first 100 blogs, it is appropriate to reflect on reader preferences.  When I arbitrarily select a topic, it is not always clear whether what interests me also interests you.

Since its start 1½ years ago, this blog has grown steadily in readership.  So we did a few things right and the blog is getting noticed.

Here our breakdown of blogs that got highest hit rates over time:

  1. The QIDP list is an all-time favorite; now in it’s 4th update, is a helpful reference for those who are interested in the antibiotic pipeline and in new compounds that appear promising
  2. Reviews of individual drugs top the list of favorite blogs, even long after the original posting. It seems that the analyses and perspectives, admittedly biased, are sought by investors, regulatory experts and conoscienti alike.  Here the TOP 10:
    1. What is the “Niche” for Ceftolozane / Tazobactam?
    2. Brilacidin – QIDP Drug At a Critical Juncture
    3. Cresemba / Isavuconazole:  Not Just Another Azole
    4. Here They Are: Dalbavancin and Oritavancin – The New Long-Acting Lipoglycopeptides
    5. Plazomicin – A Quick Take On A Complex Drug With A Complex Development Path
    6. The Demise of KB001 (Part 2): An Anti-Pseudomonas Antibody Hits the Dust (instead of Paydirt)
    7. A GO / NO GO decision:  Delafloxacin Stumbles in Gonorrhea Study
    8. A Renaissance for Old Drugs: Fosfomycin and Colistin
    9. What’s in a Name?  Would ‘Carbavance’ Still Smell as Sweet?
    10. The Circuitous Route to Phase 3:  Another Chapter in the Fitful Development of PTK-0796

Our blogs often deal with regulatory issues and decisions.  Our critical stance should not be interpreted as a lack of respect for the work of Health Agencies and their scientific review teams, just the contrary:  We are sympathetic to their plight and often wonder whether we would do a better job (of course we would!).

Drug development is a business, and our readers remind us that a blog purely dealing with clinical infectious diseases is not a core interest.  Hence, we will continue to provide an integrated approach, one that makes the connection between science, pharmacology, clinical medicine, regulatory affairs, marketing and the inner workings of the pharma industry.

After 100 blogs on anti-infective drugs it seems we should continue the path we set out on and continue to provide independent strategic perspective and review.

Again, my thanks to those of you who contacted me via website or e-mail.  Your comments, feedback, corrections, insights and suggestions are always appreciated welcome.  Stay tuned!



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