Now, I know we should not make light of any IDSA Guidelines, far from it. This latest, the Aspergillus Guideline [1], like others before, is a thoughtful document which reviews the newest information and reflects expert authoritative thinking on the Continue reading Aspergillus_Guideline.ZIP

The Cresemba Candidemia Gamble – Rien Ne Va Plus

Isavuconazole is a potent triazole; like Voriconazole, it has garnered an indication for invasive aspergillosis. However, it failed where other azole antifungals succeeded: in a pivotal trial, not yet published, the drug was inferior to Caspofungin in the treatment of Continue reading The Cresemba Candidemia Gamble – Rien Ne Va Plus

Cresemba / Isavuconazole:  Not Just Another Azole

It is amazing how modifications to the azole structure have produced ever more potent, ever more useful antifungals.  Ketoconazole had limited usability because of its many side effects related to off-target sterol synthesis inhibition, solubility (or lack thereof) and erratic Continue reading Cresemba / Isavuconazole:  Not Just Another Azole

Aerosolized Antibiotics & Selling Nebulizers

“The medicine comes for free, just pay us for the inhaler” should be the marketing slogan for this group of therapeutics.  Nebulizers are good business: hard to copy as a delivery system, they are a great opportunity to ‘evergreen’ off-patent Continue reading Aerosolized Antibiotics & Selling Nebulizers