CRE Surveillance Data from France

Despite all the concern about the emergence of CRE pathogens worldwide, it is quite difficult to obtain hard quantitative, prospectively collected incidence figures. A recent article by Robert [1] and colleagues provides useful data from France.  Using a practical definition of carbapenem-non-susceptibility Continue reading CRE Surveillance Data from France

What is the “Niche” for Ceftolozane / Tazobactam?

There are currently a total of 6 beta-lactam + beta-lactamase inhibitor combinations in clinical trials. It will be a steep learning curve for the pharma reps (and physicians) to understand the resistance classifications, the confusing ESBL definitions, the CRE nomenclature, Continue reading What is the “Niche” for Ceftolozane / Tazobactam?

The Breakpoint Dilemma

As antibiotic resistance increases over the years, originally established susceptibility breakpoints (S-I-R) are becoming less relevant.   This ‘creep’ towards higher MICs over time is a unique but well-known feature of antimicrobials ultimately making these drugs obsolete. In the past, Continue reading The Breakpoint Dilemma