Streptomyces – The Industrious Antibiotic Producer

Like other actinomycetes, the Streptomyces group of microbes straddles the somewhat artificial boundary between bacteria and fungi. Growth on culture plates looks ‘fungal’ and the organism produces spores and germtubes that look like mycelia.  Nonetheless these soil organisms are bacteria and of Continue reading Streptomyces – The Industrious Antibiotic Producer

Nikkomycins Are Finally Getting Some Respect

Besides azoles, candins and the polyene class of antifungals there is not much to select from when it comes to systemic fungal infections.  Until the recent arrival of voriconazole and posaconazole, infections caused by molds always required amphotericin B to Continue reading Nikkomycins Are Finally Getting Some Respect

Did you know that…

A Phase 1 study evaluating tigecycline (Tygacil®) to treat refractory Acute Myeloid Leukemia is currently underway? [1] Niacin extended release tablets (nicotinic acid, Niaspan®) was associated with a significantly higher rate of infections (appendicitis, bronchitis, cellulitis) compared to placebo in Continue reading Did you know that…

Penicillin – Historical Tidbits

Publication of transatlantic efforts on penicillin purification and production was embargoed by the British and US governments during WWII? US companies were allowed to collaborate and share scientific information specifically to improve methods of penicillin production and were exempted from Continue reading Penicillin – Historical Tidbits