Notice to Readers

For your information, Allphase Pharma Consulting, LLC will stop providing consultancy services for clients.and will not be posting new blogs. We appreciate your interest in our articles.  We hope we have provided a useful service to you during the last 3 Continue reading Notice to Readers

FDA Needs Radical Reform

The nomination of Dr. Scott Gottlieb for FDA commissioner, a political appointee, has created the usual bipartisan furor. He is called unqualified, a renegade, not committed enough to FDA orthodoxy, an industry darling by some and a maverick by others. All Continue reading FDA Needs Radical Reform

The Letermovir Top-Line Results are Out – Or Are They?

Usually, as development progresses from preclinical to a more advanced clinical stage, reality begins to set in: problems become apparent that were not anticipated, efficacy may be less than expected or hoped for, and the safety margins may shrink to Continue reading The Letermovir Top-Line Results are Out – Or Are They?

The CDC and Spectinomycin

Pfizer discontinued US distribution of spectinomycin (Trobicin®) in November 2005; remaining inventory expired in May 2006 [1]. Nonetheless, at the FDA website we still find a Package Insert for Trobicin updated as late as Aug 2012, a thin 6-page leaflet which Continue reading The CDC and Spectinomycin

GC Therapy –  Shooting for the Stars

Besides ceftriaxone (CTRIAX), cefixime and spectinomycin we have no other highly effective single-dose treatment regimens for urogenital GC. Failures of all 3 drugs have been described but remain rare, can be overcome with higher doses of CTRIAX (1 g instead Continue reading GC Therapy –  Shooting for the Stars