GC Therapy –  Shooting for the Stars

Besides ceftriaxone (CTRIAX), cefixime and spectinomycin we have no other highly effective single-dose treatment regimens for urogenital GC. Failures of all 3 drugs have been described but remain rare, can be overcome with higher doses of CTRIAX (1 g instead Continue reading GC Therapy –  Shooting for the Stars

Prospecting for New Antibiotics

The QIDP designation was introduced in 2012 to incentivize drug development in antiinfectives. QIDP came with several attractive features, such as prolongation of patent life, FDA expedited review and more.  In addition, FDA made it quite easy to garner the label.  Continue reading Prospecting for New Antibiotics

AZD-0914: A New Broad-Spectrum Narrow-Development Path Drug

At first glance, the list of features that distinguish AZD-0914 from other FQ seems impressive: broad Gram-positive and Gram-negative activity, MRSA and MSSA activity, potency against fluoroquinolone (FQ)-resistant isolates, low frequency for S. aureus resistance, and impressive activity against C. Continue reading AZD-0914: A New Broad-Spectrum Narrow-Development Path Drug

QIDP Drugs – 4th Edition

>>> For the latest QIDP list, please click HERE  <<< Since our last QIDP blog from April 8, 2015, several new drugs have made the list which now includes 41 compounds. Below a table which includes compound, sponsor and development stage (Phase). It Continue reading QIDP Drugs – 4th Edition