QIDP Drug Update – Part 1: An Updated Who Is Who


It is time for a new look at the field of QIDP drugs. Today we are providing an updated searchable database which now has 57 entries.

(Status: 10/18/16)

CompanyDrug NameAntibiotic ClassAction SitePhase in USNew Antibiotic Class?
AchaogenPlazomicinaminoglycosidesystemicPhase 3NO
Actelion PharmaceuticalsCadazolidoxazolidinon/quinolone comboGI onlyPhase 3YES
AllerganDalbavancinglycopeptidesystemicApproved USNO
AllerganCeftazidime + avibactamBL/BLIsystemicApproved USNO
Aradigm PharmaceuticalsCiprofloxacinquinolonepulmonaryPhase 3NO
Basilea PharmaceuticaCeftobiproleBLsystemicPhase 3NO
Basilea PharmaceuticaisavuconazoleazolesystemicApproved USNO
BayerAmikacin InhaleaminoglycosidepulmonaryPhase 3NO
BayerCiprofloxacin DPIquinolonepulmonaryPhase 3NO
Cardeas PharmaAmikacin + fosfomycinother combinationpulmonaryPhase 2NO
Cellceutix PharmaceuticalsBrilacidindefensin-mimeticsystemicPhase 2YES
CempraSolithromycinmacrolide / ketolidesystemicPhase 3NO
CempraFusidic Acidfusidic acidsystemicPhase 3NO
CidaraCD-101echinocandinsystemicPhase 1NO
CitiusMino-LoktetracyclinetopicalPhase 2NO
CorMedixNeutrolinothertopicalPhase 3NO
DebiopharmDebio-1450Fabl inhibitorsystemicPhase 2YES
DestinyXF-73othertopicalPhase 2YES
EntasisETX-0914topoisomerase II-inhibitorsystemicPhase 2YES
GSKGSK-2140944topoisomerase II-inhibitorsystemicPhase 2YES
InnocollINL-002aminoglycosidetopicalPhase 2NO
InsmedINS-212aminoglycosidepulmonaryPhase 3NO
IxodesIxogelmacrolide / ketolidetopicalPhase 2NO
MatinasMAT-2203polyenesystemicPhase 2NO
Meiji SeikaME-1100aminoglycosidepulmonaryPhase 1NO
MelintaDelafloxacinquinolonesystemicPhase 3NO
MerckCeftolozane + tazobactamBL/BLIsystemicApproved USNO
MerckSurotomycinglycopeptideGI onlyPhase 3NO
MerckTedizolidoxazolidinonesystemicApproved USNO
MerckImipenem/cilastatin + MK-7655BL/BLIsystemicPhase 3NO
MGB BiopharmaMGB-BP-3othertopicalPhase 1YES
MicrobionMBN-101othertopicalPhase 1NO
MorphoChemMCB-3837oxazolidinon/quinolone combosystemicPhase 1YES
Motif BioIclaprimDHFR inhibitor / sulfonamidesystemicPhase 3NO
NabrivaBC-3781pleuromutilinsystemicPhase 3YES
ParatekOmadacyclinetetracyclinesystemicPhase 3NO
PolyphorPOL-7080othersystemicPhase 2YES
RaptorMP-376quinolonepulmonaryPhase 2NO
RedHillRHB-105other combinationsystemicPhase 3NO
SavaraAeroVancglycopeptidepulmonaryPhase 2NO
ScynexisSCY-078othersystemicPhase 2YES
SummitSMT-19969imidazoleGI onlyPhase 2NO
SymbiomixSYM-1219imidazolesystemicPhase 3NO
TaiGenNemonoxacinquinolonesystemicPhase 3NO
TetraphaseTP-271tetracyclinesystemicPhase 1NO
TetraphaseEravacyclinetetracyclinesystemicPhase 3NO
The Medicines CompanyOritavancinglycopeptidesystemicApproved USNO
The Medicines CompanyMeropenem + RPX7009BL/BLIsystemicPhase 3NO
Valley Fever SolutionsNikZothersystemicPhase 1YES
ViametVT-1129azolesystemicPhase 1NO
VicalVL-2397othersystemicPhase 1YES
WockhardtWCK-5222BL/BLIsystemicPhase 1NO
WockhardtWCK-4873macrolide / ketolidesystemicPhase 1NO
WockhardtWCK-2349quinolonesystemicPhase 2NO
WockhardtWCK-771quinolonesystemicPhase 2NO
ZavanteZTI-01fosfomycinsystemicPhase 2NO

Despite best efforts to provide accurate information, errors may have crept in. Please let us know if you detect mistakes. We will make corrections or post an update based on your feedback. Supporting evidence would be appreciated.

Some information is notoriously hard to come by. Is a certain drug after months or a year of inactivity still in development? When a compound fails to show up on a company’s pipeline we assume it has died even if there is no ‘official’ announcements of its demise, keeping in mind that lack of development for prolonged periods of time is not all that unusual.

Janet Woodcock speaks of 63 QIDP drugs; the Table lists only those 57 we believe / hope are still under active development

There are plenty of examples of ‘sleeper’ programs that suddenly became active again, for instance after a pause due to outlicensing efforts when new sponsors have to get up to speed. Clearly, such long hibernation phases make it difficult to distinguish death from suspended animation and from other causes as may exist.

Development “Phase” designation is a dynamic property in the quick-paced world of QIDP drugs. Progress is often – but not always – faster than in standard anti-infective drug development; phases can be compressed or even skipped entirely.

Companies sometimes refer to their asset as ‘Phase 2 ready’ or indicate that an SPA has been agreed to with FDA – a sure sign that Phase 3 could start any time. Hence, Phase assignments may be outdated quickly; the attached table is no more than a snapshot in time.

Further analyses about the “State of QIDP drugs” will be the topic of an upcoming blog.

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