QIDP Drug Update – Part 1: An Updated Who Is Who

It is time for a new look at the field of QIDP drugs. Today we are providing an updated searchable database which now has 57 entries. (Status: 10/18/16) Despite best efforts to provide accurate information, errors may have crept in. Please let us Continue reading QIDP Drug Update – Part 1: An Updated Who Is Who

Quo Vadis, CDI Drugs?

There are only 3 CDI drugs in wider clinical use: vancomycin, metronidazole, and fidaxomicin. They are from totally different classes and have almost nothing in common except for proven efficacy in C. difficile infection (CDI). Like vancomycin, the entire group Continue reading Quo Vadis, CDI Drugs?

QIDP Antibiotics – 2015 Year-End Update

Here an updated listing of all QIDP drugs we are aware of as of 12/24/2015. Today just facts and numbers; we will provide an interpretation of the current landscape in upcoming blogs. There are 58 drugs which garnered QIDP status and these Continue reading QIDP Antibiotics – 2015 Year-End Update

QIDP Drugs – 4th Edition

>>> For the latest QIDP list, please click HERE  <<< Since our last QIDP blog from April 8, 2015, several new drugs have made the list which now includes 41 compounds. Below a table which includes compound, sponsor and development stage (Phase). It Continue reading QIDP Drugs – 4th Edition