QIDP Drugs – 4th Edition

QIDP 4th edition
Status 8/3/2015

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Since our last QIDP blog from April 8, 2015, several new drugs have made the list which now includes 41 compounds. Below a table which includes compound, sponsor and development stage (Phase). It also indicates whether a drug has been the topic of a more detailed write-up here in our blog pages. As before, the table is searchable.

This is a snapshot of a dynamic situation. If I made a mistake or omitted a drug which should have been included, please leave me a comment.

CompanyDrug NameAntibiotic ClassPhaseAction SiteAntimicrobial_ClassBlog
Cardeas PharmaAmikacin + fosfomycinaminoglycosidePhase 2pulmonaryantibacterial
Insmed PharmaceuticalsArikaceaminoglycosidePhase 3pulmonaryantibacterial
BayerAmikacin InhaleaminoglycosidePhase 3pulmonaryantibacterial
Meiji Seika PharmaME-1100aminoglycosidePhase 1topicalantibacterial
AchaogenPlazomicinaminoglycosidePhase 3systemicantibacterial1
Astellas / BasileaIsavuconazoleazoleApproved USsystemicantifungal1
SymbiomixSYM-1219azolePhase 3systemicantifungal
Microbion CorporationBisEDT Antimicrobial Gelbismuth-thiolPhase 1topicalantibacterial
The Medicines CompanyMeropenem + RPX7009B-lactam / BLIPhase 3systemicantibacterial1
MerckImipenem/cilastatin + MK-7655B-lactam / BLIPhase 3systemicantibacterial
Merck / CubistCeftolozane + tazobactamB-lactam / BLIApproved USsystemicantibacterial1
ActavisCeftazidime + avibactamB-lactam / BLIApproved USsystemicantibacterial
RedHill BiopharmaRHB-105combinationPhase 3systemicantibacterial
Cellceutix PharmaceuticalsBrilacidindefensin-mimeticPhase 2systemicantibacterial1
MotifIclaprimDHFR inhibitorPhase 3systemicantibacterial
Debiopharm PharmaceuticalsDeb-1450Fab-l inhibitorPhase 1systemicantibacterial
Cempra PharmaceuticalsFusidic Acidfusidic acidPhase 2systemicantibacterial
Scynexis PharmaceuticalsSCY-078glucan synthase inhibitorPhase 2systemicantibacterial
Cidara TherapeuticsCD-101glucan synthase inhibitorPre-Clinsystemicantifungal
The Medicines CompanyOritavancinglycopeptideApproved USsystemicantibacterial1
Durata TherapeuticsDalbavancinglycopeptideApproved USsystemicantibacterial1
Merck / CubistSurotomycinglycopeptidePhase 3GI onlyantibacterial
Cempra PharmaceuticalsSolithromycinmacrolide / ketolidePhase 3systemicantibacterial
WockhardtWCK-4873macrolide / ketolidePhase 1systemicantibacterial
Valley Fever SolutionsNikZnikkomycinPhase 1systemicantifungal1
Roche / PolyphorPOL-7080otherPhase 2systemicantibacterial
Summit plcSMT-19969otherPhase 2GI onlyantibacterial
Merck / Cubist / TriusTedizolidoxazolidinoneApproved USsystemicantibacterial1
Melinta TherapeuticsRadezolidoxazolidinonePhase 2systemicantibacterial
Actelion PharmaceuticalsCadazolidoxazolidinonePhase 3GI onlyantibacterial
Nabriva TherapeuticsBC-3781pleuromutilinPhase 2systemicantibacterial1
Melinta TherapeuticsDelafloxacinquinolonePhase 3systemicantibacterial1
Actavis/FuriexAvarofloxacinquinolonePhase 2systemicantibacterial
BayerCiprofloxacin DPIquinolonePhase 3pulmonaryantibacterial
Wockhardt PharmaceuticalsWCK-2349quinolonePhase 1systemicantibacterial
Aradigm PharmaceuticalsCiprofloxacinquinolonePhase 3pulmonaryantibacterial
MerLion PharmaceuticalsFinafloxacinquinolonePhase 2systemicantibacterial
Wockhardt PharmaceuticalsWCK-771quinolonePhase 2systemicantibacterial
TaiGen BiotechnologyNemonoxacinquinolonePhase 3systemicantibacterial
AstraZeneca / EntasisAZD-0914quinolonePhase 2systemicantibacterial
Paratek PharmaceuticalsOmadacyclinetetracyclinePhase 3systemicantibacterial1
The Medicines CompanyMinocyclinetetracyclineApproved USsystemicantibacterial
Tetraphase PharmaceuticalsEravacyclinetetracyclinePhase 3systemicantibacterial1

Here some summary statistics which may be of interest:

  • 33/43 drugs have a systemic mode of action:
    • 29/33 are antibacterials, 4/33 are antifungals
  • CONGRATULATIONS:  7/43 drugs have been approved in the US by FDA:
    • long-acting glyco-(lipo-)peptides Orbactiv and Dalvance
    • B-lactam/B-lactamase inhibitors Avycaz and Zerbaxa
    • Sivextro and re-formulated Minocin
    • The excellent new azole antifungal, Cresemba
  • 5/43 drugs are old antibiotics (aminoglycosides, ciprofloxacin) formulated for aerosol pulmonary delivery
  • 3/43 drugs are specifically active against Clostridium difficile infection
  • 2/43 drugs are developed for topical use only
  • 19/43 drugs are systemically active andcurrently in Phase 2 or 3 of development:
    • 5/19 are fluoroquinolones, pursuing ABSSSI and MRSA indications
    • 2/19 are antifungals: the azole SYM-1219, and the glucan synthase inhibitor SCY-078
    • Only 4/19 are truly innovative NCEs, with new class potential:
      • pleuromutilin BC-3781
      • anti-pseudomonas drug POL-7080
      • non-echinocandin SCY-078
      • defensin-mimetic brilacidin


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