TXA-709 –  New Kid on the Block

When searching for FtsZ inhibitors on PubMed, there are 187 hits. When narrowing down the search looking for clinical trials only, there are none. Taxis Pharmaceuticals obtained QIDP status for its candidate drug TXA-709 in late 2016 and it is Continue reading TXA-709 –  New Kid on the Block

QIDP Drug Update – Part 2:  Categories of Interest

According to Janet Woodcock, 63 drugs have been given the “QIDP” designation so far. Our inofficial list has 61 drugs, of which we believe only 57 are still in active clinical development.  So we are in fairly close agreement. That Continue reading QIDP Drug Update – Part 2:  Categories of Interest

QIDP Drugs – 4th Edition

>>> For the latest QIDP list, please click HERE  <<< Since our last QIDP blog from April 8, 2015, several new drugs have made the list which now includes 41 compounds. Below a table which includes compound, sponsor and development stage (Phase). It Continue reading QIDP Drugs – 4th Edition

Fighting P. aeruginosa (Part I)

It has never been easy to cure Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections.  Few antibiotics nowadays have reliable activity against this problem pathogen that seems to have more built-in resistance features than most other Gram-negatives.  In the past, cephalosporins, aztreonam, penems, ciprofloxacin, and Continue reading Fighting P. aeruginosa (Part I)